Commodity Market & Artificial Intelligence Forecasting

One of the fastest & profitable industries, the commodities market demands the incorporation of advanced trend analysis techniques. Whether you’re concerned with your future contracts or want to know the profitability of a forward contract, AI-led tools can be a great help to minimize the loss and keep your profits safe.

But the insufficient AI knowledge limits its scope for buyers seeking an ideal commodity price and sellers aiming to crack the best deal. And this causes a downward loss graph for traders having limited access to analyzing price trends for each commodity.

Odyx yHat - Offering AI-Enabled Forecasting Capabilities

We gave Odyx yHat the ability to process structured & unstructured data that commodity traders use in routine. This functionality helps traders in performing thousands of calculations in a fraction of a minute and discover the exact price trends for future trading. Our time series commodity price prediction machine learning tool is an ideal option for
  • Commodity price forecasting using multiple models
  • Describe long & short-term investment behavior
  • Specific market pulp pricing trends
  • Describe specific commodity demand scenario

Real-time Price Prediction

Odyx yHat offers commodity traders a way to know the prices on the go and ensure profits on their investments.

Better Risk Assessment

We gave Odyx yHat the functionality to assess risk using a specific range of data for a particular commodity for traders.

Assets & Derivatives Valuation

Traders can also use Odyx yHat for understanding the true value of assets and derivatives of a particular commodity to keep the losses at a minimum in their trade.

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