Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Plants & Artificial Intelligence

Nuclear power plants are a great source to reduce carbon emissions in the process of generating electricity. And many countries have adopted this smarter way to meet their electricity needs already. But there are some internal challenges involved in the process of nuclear fission that can be tackled with AI-based techniques.

Using neural-based time series forecasting techniques, nuclear power plant owners and managers can devise effective frameworks for generating electricity in a controlled, non-destructive manner.

Odyx yHat -Transforming Nuclear Power Plant for Better Production!

We introduce Odyx yHat to equip project managers and nuclear power plant owners to keep the plant in good condition and monitor the reactor’s wear and tear in a calculated manner with machine learning nuclear power tool. Our time series prediction tool is ideal for performing the unlimited computation in a fraction of a second. Odyx yHat can help you in:
  • Forecasting future equipment health conditions
  • Analyze & forecasting future peak values
  • Training data-driven models for future predictions

Improved Nuclear Processing Models

Nuclear power plant owners can benefit from Odyx yHat's functionality to study the covert mechanism of a nuclear reactor and improve its structure.

Safe Nuclear Energy Generation

Nuclear power plant owners can also utilize Odyx yHat's capabilities for improving the safety measures of the reactor vessels for generating energy.

Easy Fault Detection

Odyx yHat is designed to help nuclear power plant supervisors in tracking the issues in plant and machinery on the go without processing the data manually. It also helps in forecasting with machine learning nuclear power prediction feature.

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