Renewable Energy

Artificial Intelligence & Renewable Energy Sector Problems

The world appreciates the discovery of renewable energy sources but it has its own limitations that demand the strategic application of artificial intelligence frameworks. Then, there’s a considerable gap between AI illiterates and renewable industry experts who know how to utilize the technology to its optimum level for achieving the desired power generation goals in the renewable energy sector.

And this leads to ineffective power generation measures that cost the energy producers in the shape of waste resources, and poor allocation planning resulting in a monetary loss that almost bankrupts them.

Odyx yHat - Many Challenges, Single Solution!

While designing Odyx yHat, our primary goal was to enable both data scientists and non-technical professionals to equally benefit from the time series analysis utilizing machine learning in energy sector. Where the manual time series forecasting process involves various time-consuming steps, we gave our tool the functionality to make the calculations in one go. Odyx yHat is capable of:
  • Predict energy demand for a given future range
  • Conduct regression analysis b/w two variables
  • Forecast future prices for a specific time duration
  • And various other important forecasting functions

Better Microgrid Integration

Odyx yHat enables renewable energy companies with distributing the energy in different microgrids by assessing the exact demand of each region.

Improved Safety Infrastructure

Odyx yHat is designed to help RE companies with the identification of energy leakage/waste points and improve the overall safety infrastructure of the company.

Strategic Market Expansion

With Odyx yHat, RE companies can understand the diversifying needs of the market and create new solutions based on the study and expand their revenue.

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